زرعی یونیورسٹی فیصل آباد

About us
Name of the Project:
Synthesis of available fertilizer trials data for site-specific recommendations and diagnostic survey for low adoption of fertilizer use technology
Project Team:
i)     Principal Investigator: 
Dr. Muhammad Rashid, Subject Specialist, Inst. Soil and Environ. Sciences, UAF
Research officers:
1. Haseeb Arshad
2. Muhammad Zaid
ii)    Co-PI for the Component "Synthesis of Fertilizer Trial Data":
Dr Shahzada Munawar Mehdi, Director, Soil Fertility Research Institute, Lahore
iii)   Co-PI for the Component "Diagnostic Survey":
Dr. Khuda Bakhsh, Asstt. Prof., Dept. Environ. and Resource Economics, UAF
iv)   Co-PI for the Component "Software Development"
Ahsan Raza Sattar, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science, UAF
Software Engineer:
1. Rubina Arshad
Assistant Software Engineer:
1. Anum Zaheer
All the districts of Punjab Province
36 Months
•    Collection and synthesis of available fertilizer trials data
•    Software development for site-specific recommendations
•    Development and maintenance of website for fertilizer prediction models for dissemination of information to the end users.
•    To impart training for use of fertilizer prediction models to the district staff of Agri. Extension and Soil fertility
•    Diagnostic survey for low adoption of fertilizer use technology and imbalance use of nitrogen and phosphorus
Sr. No.ObjectsYear I Year II Year III Total
A038Operational Expenses2.3222.4512.4987.270
A039Capital Expenses0.7380.479-1.217
A040Audit Fees0.0240.0170.0170.057
Grand Total3.0832.9472.5148.544
 (Rs in millions)
•    Collection of relevant reports, research papers, hand outs and personal communication for last 10 years.
•    Extraction of fertilizer trials data (yield with soil analysis) separately for each district.
•    Selection of treatments with balanced NP graded doses
•    Processing of data for modeling and development of software
•    Verification of predictions with original treatments
•    Uploading of soft ware on the web
Prediction Models:
•    Prediction models for soil analysis based fertilizer recommendations (N&P) have been completed for all the districts of
     Punjab for wheat crop and relevant districts for Rice (12 districts), Maize (7 districts), Sugarcane (6 Districts) and Cotton
     Crop (11 for B.T.Cotton and 15 for Non B.T.Cotton) which are available on Web.